• Summer storms brewing over Roodepoort Farm, Clarens

Welcome to the Eastern Free State

As you explore this region of scenic tapestries, which change dramatically with each season, the beauty and tranquillity that surrounds you is palpable and almost overwhelming. Majestic mountains with sandstone cliffs, fertile valleys of crops that stretch as far as the eye can see, fields of cosmos flowers and the golden yellow hues of sunflowers, are just a few of the enchanting sights that are waiting to greet you, but there is so much more….

Battle sites and memorials from bygone wars, ancient fossil footprints from a prehistoric era, a wealth of art and craft and the renowned Golden Gate National Park makes the Eastern Free State area an exceptional destination to explore. The Eastern Free State is home to the peaceful and music loving Basotho people who have lived here close to nature for generations. They have a deep appreciation for the environment and take the distinctive shape of their traditional headgear from the nearby hills. A unique and distinctive feature of each town is the sandstone architecture, which have been beautifully crafted from hand hewn blocks taken from the nearby cliffs.